Youth Camp Site

"Am Pfaffenwäldchen"

in Rhens/Rhine

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Luftaufnahme Jugendzeltplatz

The youth camp site lies on the wooded heights of the 'Vorderhunsrück' between Rhine and the Moselle. It is easily reached by car or coach (about 6.5 km) or by foot (about 4.5 km) from Rhens. The site is close to the hamlet of Schaueren and to the lands of the former Jakobsberg priory.

The 6 hectares of grassland, surrounded on three sides by woods offer camp sites suitable for groups of all sizes. The site and its surrounding are ideally suited for orienteering, hikes, trips,
games etc. The Youth Camp Site is not a public camp site. Those seeking the an appropriate
comfortable site for their caravan should contact the public site in the neighbouring village.

Campsite 2

The site is equipped with toilets and washing facilities sufficient. There are warm showers and washing basins, separate toilets for boys and girls, appropriate facilities for the disabled, a first aid room and a room for leaders. The use of these
facilities is included in price. For group camps, individual sites of various sizes are available, some of which benefit from wooden shelters.





From Pentecost in 2008 the new sanitary building is available.

Neuse Sanirtärgebäude


A Youth House with about 130 sq. m of living space for the accommodation of youth groups and school classes and for the running of training courses for youth organisations enhances the appeal of this ideally located site.

The Youth House is not available for private parties.

Lagershop Lagershop





Information about booking and the site fees is available from:

Herrn Karl-Josef Gries
Mainzer Straße 29a

D-56321 Rhens

Handy:  +49
175 8451101

E-Mail: info@jugendzeltplatz-rhens.de

Rental and usage regulations for the Youth Campsite

Side Plan : Youth Camp Side

Attention!!!: The approach to the youth campground is only possible via Rhens, all other ways are closed or provided with a barrier.

Youth House

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